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EcoNudge is an accredited B2B research consultancy in behavioural science. We exclusively serve greentech companies and eco-friendly initiatives in the private or public sectors. We use science to help them find evidence-based solutions to their app, service, or intervention.

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What is behavioural science?
Behavioural science is a multidisciplinary field that draws on insights from psychology, sociology, economics, and marketing to understand how individuals and groups make decisions.
Who do we work with?
We exclusively partner with companies in the greentech sector or those actively addressing climate change. We specialize in helping them understand and influence human behavior to drive positive environmental impact. These include companies in the following sectors:

- Climate fintech
- Sustainable investment
- Lifecycle assessment
- Shared mobility
- Carbon accounting
- Non-profits or governmental organizations

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How do we do it?
We run randomized controlled trials and user interviews to reveal patterns, motivations, and influences that shape behavior. This valuable information empowers you to make evidence-based adjustments to your app, service, or policy. We also leverage principles from game theory and psychology to incorporate gamification elements into your app to enhance motivation, learning, and engagement.

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Our impact?
So far we have…

- helped a climate fintech tech company increase their users’ carbon literacy by 8%.
- identified a feature that helps users commit to an 18% reduced carbon footprint.
- tested the efficacy of an app to increase sustainability for CSR purposes.

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    We are accredited members of the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists (GAABS). GAABS is the world’s first independent organisation representing the interests of applied behavioural scientists, primarily working in the private sector. Partners and advisors include some of the world’s foremost academics and leading practitioners, including Economics Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman.